Wines is sacred in Alentejo, Paladar y Tomar takes you to best wineries in totally private visits and premium wine tastings


The Alentejo covers a third of Continental Portugal but it the least populated, it is a natural paradise for slow-pace addicts. Considered the farm of Portugal, for wine lover it is definitely the Portugal’s go-to southerly region. For us native Spaniards the Alentejo is like an extension of Andalusia in terms of landscape, with whitewashed villages, vast fields, olive groves and cork oaks extending to the infinite, hot temperatures and unforgettable hearty tables. In terms of wine, the Mediterranean climate offers the perfect conditions for winegrowing. Between 1995 and 2010 the number of producers exploded from 45 to 260, so the Alentejo should be at your top 3 wine destinations in Portugal.