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CÚRATE among America’s 100 best Wine Restaurants in 2018

Cúrate was listed by Wine Enthusiast magazine among America’s 100 best Wine Restaurants. The Spanish wine list they offer is awesome so this is one more reason to join our CÚRATE Trips.

By Editorial

Original edition | Wine Enthusiast

We are glad to share with you the fact Cúrate was named one of 100 best wine restaurants in U.S. And we can estate every CÚRATE Trip is infused with the excitement of his wine director and co-owner Félix Meana.

“Chef Katie Button and her husband, Sommelier Félix Meana, are serious about providing not just a great meal, but also an education. The menu is traditionally Spanish, and the wine list features a detailed map of Spanish wine, with lesser-known producers and regions.

From the Sommelier: “There is a resurgence of knowledge about vermouth, and more and more people are trying their hand at producing their own unique versions. Specifically here in the USA, people are beginning to learn how to drink and enjoy it without it having to be mixed in a cocktail.  Sharing the vermouth experience with our customers is something that we take a lot of pride in.” Félix Meana, Cúrate


Do you spend much time in Spain these days?

Button: We go back every year to see family and see what’s going on there. Félix started these trips in Spain, Cúrate Trips. He takes small groups of 12 to 16 people to experience wineries he loves, restaurants we love, jamón producers, visit these people we have created great connections with.”

Photo credits: Monica Steveson for Wine Enthusiast

We are waiting for you in 2019!

Access the full article by Wine Enthusiast here.

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