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29 SEP. - 08 OCT. 2020

From America to Spain and Portugal, exploring
the authentic Mediterranean culture

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Portugal is like an exquisite dish of food.

There is always room to repeat and a hidden flavor to discover.

Portugal is like that book that you fall in love with, that one you stay up half the night reading. It has conquered us with the authenticity and closeness of its people, the breathtaking beauty of its nature, the bravery of the ocean and that feeling of being at home. A perfect balance between elegance and decadence. Cod fish and humble sardines are emblems of the country; the hearty country bread and adorable sweets like custard tarts and pasteis de nata are found on every street corner. Join us to taste the real flavors of Portugal in a 9-night spectacular journey.


CÚRATE and the specialist food and wine tour operator Paladar y Tomar to provide the most seamless journey that only two in-the-know insiders can assure.

It’s time to discover this signature 10-day program across Portugal through enjoyable and comprehensive show-cooking and intimate visits, and only-well-connected experiences under the expert purview of Katie Button and Félix Meana and the most illustrious local cooks and professionals.

Join a dream program that contains unimaginable visits all along with the valuable insight only locals can give, leaving you well versed in many foundations and techniques of Portuguese gastronomic culture and the Mediterranean soul.

SEP 29 2020



Welcome to Porto! Portugal’s second city has everything you want in a luxury travel experience, balancing its rich history with vibrant modernity. Walk the cobblestone streets leading to the Porto Cathedral, Palácio da Bolsa and the extraordinary Church of São Francisco before the first serious collation.

Soothing and sublime, rich and relaxed, and best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, aptly describes both Porto’s cuisine and its eponymous wine. Steeped in tradition and made with care, Porto’s cuisine combines the old with the new, marries vintage preparations with modern touches and adjoins tastes of the past with nods to the present.

Meals included during the trip Dinner

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Infante Sagres 5*

SEP 30 2020



Nobody can leave Porto without crossing “to the other side”, to Vilanova de Gaia, where major port producers have their warehouses. You’ll be standing where barrels of wine and port have been loaded and unloaded for hundreds of years. You’ll get to know about the different types of port (tawny, white, crusted, vintage), and the slow development of the wine inside the porous oak barrels.

As you visit Port cellars from centuries past, traverse the long-trodden paths of winemakers now gone, and taste wines likely bottled before you were born, you feel a rebirth — you will have lived, breathed and drank the living history of the Douro.


Follow the smell of barbecue at the harbor district of Matosinhos in northern part of Porto, where restaurants, each with its own outdoor grill on the street, propose superb fresh daily caught fishes.

Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Infante Sagres 5*

OCT 01 2020



Let’s leave to the magical Douro Valley, home of Portugal’s most famous wine region.

To experience the Douro Valley is to experience the river Douro, a slice of life that flows through Castile and León in Spain and into Portugal, running through the famous valley, where all facets of life — commerce and community, soul and spirit — merge with the majestic waters, towering canyons, whitewashed quintas and granite bluffs above, before rushing forward into Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto, where she coalesces with the Atlantic.

Be ready for vertiginous rides and a warm welcome to one of the most famed quintas, enjoy wine tastings and a charming, bowered vineyard lunch. There’s 2,000 years of winemaking history in the Douro!After lunch we’ll drive to Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice.

Meals included during the tripBreakfast, lunch, dinner

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarMontebelo Vista Alegre Hotel & Spa, 5*

OCT 2 2020



Wandering around the town of Aveiro gives us a nostalgic feeling that we are in Venice, but in smaller dimension. Channels, bridges, colorful houses and an intense university life set the pace. The Aveiro estuary occupies an enormous 47-kilometer marshy area, where the eel and salt flats proliferate. Traditionally the moliceiros, flat-bottomed boats and bow curved, painted with scenes of the fishermen’s life who used to collect seaweed from the bottom of the channel to use as fertilizer in the fields. And don’t forget to try the ovos moles, sweet egg yolks with sugar and water created by the nuns of the Convent of Jesus. They are shaped imitating marine elements, such as fishes or shells, and wrapped in wafers.


Motebelo Vista Alegre Hotel where we stay was built to boost the historical heritage of Vista Alegre. Fábrica da Vista Alegre which began its business activity in 1824, in buildings close to the Chapel Nossa Senhora da Penha de França (1699),
has since then undergone successive renovation and expansion works. The entrance bears the
name Vista Alegre – Fábrica de Porcelana in azulejos, as well as the establishment year and the
100th anniversary date. Enjoy your free afternoon and evening to explore the museum, the chapel, the palace and the shops of Vista Alegre before we meet for dinner.

Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarMontebelo Vista Alegre Hotel & Spa, 5*

OCT 3 2020



Next will be Óbidos. Located on the western central coast of Portugal, Óbidos is an ancient fortified city, a perfect medieval silhouette with a fortified castle where the Literary Man hotel is home to about 50,000 books. Óbidos is one of the most spectacular towns from the North of Portugal and became the nineteenth UNESCO City of Literature in December 2015. Enjoy a free morning in this charming town before we meet for a local genuine lunch.


After lunch we’ll reach Évora, that shows a stunning combination of Roman, Gothic and Baroque architecture for which it has been designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. You’ll find a Roman temple from the first century, a medieval convent and superb sixteenth-century facades lining up side by side in its narrow, cobbled streets.

Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Convento do Espinheiro, 5* 



OCT 4 2020



Let’s explore Évora in a magic walking tour. “Queen of the High Alentejo” and one of Portugal’s best preserved medieval cities, Évora is ideal for immersing yourself in the past. Sheltered by its 14th century walls, its narrow streets lead to amazing architectural works: medieval cathedrals and cloisters, Roman ruins like those of its temple, a picturesque square and a surprising church covered with human bones and a Neolithic site. Évora is also a lively university city.


The fascinating Alentejo unfolds a land finely aged. You’ll travel among medieval whitewashed villages, rolling hills, mountain forts, olive groves and a constellation of vineyards in the land of largest producer of cork in the world. The local food is neither peasant nor sophisticated, it is rustic and rich; Alentejo is known as Portugal’s gastronomic soul. And the Herdades (wineries) are part of its culture and identity and are definitely a must visit on an Alentejo journey. Estremoz will cross our path towards an unforgettable evening.

Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Convento do Espinheiro, 5* 

OCT 5 2020



Évora, the capital of this sun-baked land also reveals the best of the cozinha alentejana.

Besides the good wines, the cuisine is rich and varied, with Roman and Arab influences. The bread serves as a base for all regional gastronomy. Recipes that dominate are based on pork and lamb meats, river fish and the sea. The famous açorda – a delicious but humble soup -, for example, dates back to the presence of the Muslims, who dominated the territory for about 500 years. The tradition of the Conventual confectionery in Alentejo has its origin in the convents and monasteries of the region. A true gastronomic journey to discover typical Alentejo food can last for weeks, if not months. The regional dishes are many, passed down from generation to generation, perfected, celebrated.

So, we propose a hands on cooking class with a local chef to learn how to make some of the most popular recipes.

Free evening to explore Évora on your own.

Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Convento do Espinheiro, 5* 

OCT 6 2020



Her ports have seen Vasco de Gama embark to reach India, Fernão Gomes launch to explore the African coast and Columbus dock en route to Barcelona with word of his discovery of the Americas. You can’t describe Lisbon’s present without mentioning her past. Home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites — Jerónimos Monastery, Sintra and Belém Tower the city is seductive.

What about Lisbon’s cuisine? The Atlantic plays perhaps the most dominant role in Lisboan cuisine — the region boasts over 365 original recipes for cod alone — and you’d be hard pressed to bypass the aroma of grilled sardines in the small, antiquated quarters of Bairro Alto and Alfama during the Popular Saint’s Festival in June. But Lisbon’s culinary profile is anything but staid. Whether you choose haute cuisine or café fare, Lisbon’s penchant for perpetual reinvention ensures you the utmost in gastronomic acquaintance and inspiration.


Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Tivoli Liberdade 5*

OCT 7 2020



From Lisbon, drive northwards towards the mountains and reach Serra de Sintra. For romantics the world over, the former royal residence of the Kings of Portugal, Sintra – UNESCO Heritage Site – conjures up fantasies of fairy-tale castles and noble mansions, mystic forests and exotic gardens laced with waterfalls and mossy walls, lofty peaks lost in mist that suddenly dissolves to reveal views of grand estates, vineyards, wildflowers and the ocean.


Then let’s head west out of Sintra a few miles down to Cabo de Roca, this wild and rocky cape being  Europe’s westernmost point.  And a few miles away, at Guincho beach, where well-toned surfers and windsurfers challenge the waves,  the numerous seafood restaurants -where the produce is everything – are ready to welcome eager visitors.


Our farewell dinner… a Lisbon’s gourmet feast we cannot reveal.


Meals included during the trip Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Selected hotels for the journey by Paladar y TomarHotel Tivoli Liberdade 5*

OCT 8 2020

DAY 10


Following breakfast, private transfer to Lisbon airport at your appointed time or continue your journey if you decided to extend your trip.

Meals included during the trip Breakfast





  • SEPTEMBER 29 – OCTOBER 8, 2020 (9 nights / 10 days)


  • 9 Nights accommodation on bed and breakfast basis
  • 8 lunches and 6 dinners
  • Private deluxe transportation throughout
  • Private airport transfers in and out from Porto and Lisbon



  • International flight
  • Personal purchases and expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance with international coverage
  • Pre-and post-trip accommodations and associated expenses



If you are interested in a pre or post extension trip:

 Contact us for extra arrangements.


Total journey: €6,750

*Rates are per person, on double occupancy, in Euros


– At the time of reservation: 25% of journey cost per person

– 90 days before departure: Balance due


– Payment method: Bank transfer or major credit cards are accepted (Visa, American Express, Mastercard)


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Chef Katie Button was born in the South, raised in the North, and educated in Europe. Now, she has returned to her roots as chef and owner of two unique restaurant concepts in Asheville, North Carolina: Cúrate Tapas Bar and Nightbell. Chef Button was a semi-finalist for the James Beard Rising Star Chef award from 2012-2014 and was a finalist in 2014, and also received a nomination for Best Chef Southeast in 2015. Chef Button was one of Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs of 2015.
Originally from Roses, a small town on the Costa Brava in Catalunya, Spain, Felix Meana jumped in to the deep end of the hospitality industry at 19. Felix spent 5 years at elBulli before moving to America as service director for The Bazaar by José Andrés in the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. While working with Andrés, he met his wife Chef Katie Button and in 2010, Meana and Button founded the Heirloom Hospitality Group with Button’s parents and opened the awarded Catalonian-style tapas bar, Cúrate.
Valeska inherited a taste for gastronomic culture from her French father and a talent for cooking from her Basque grandmother, a good reputed chef in that times. After studying Economics and Journalism in her native Barcelona, she went to Switzerland to pursue hotel management studies and she worked at some of the most prestigious hotels. Valeska speaks five languages. A Certified Sherry Wine Cellar Advance Expert, she is marketing director and manages client relationships and operations for Paladar y Tomar.
Fernando Paredes is the CEO, financial director, and wine expert of Paladar y Tomar. The Barcelona native was well into a career in economics when he discovered his true callings—travel, food, and wine. He entered the tourism industry as General Manager of a bespoke travel group, earned a degree in Food Event Design from the European Design Institute, and became a Certified Sherry Wine Cellar Advance Expert. Fernando’s journeys, and passion for food, have taken him to all corners of the world.



At CÚRATE Trips the excellence of the landscape’s cuisine along with its breathtaking natural surroundings, exceptional wine varieties, and tranquility of the hand-picked singular accommodations create a getaway unparalleled in value and authenticity.


FOOD WITH SOUL Expect rustic home-style cooking and flavors very often seasoned with garlic, wine and chilli pepper sauce (called piri-piri), Portuguese recipes burst with character and aroma. With traditional hearty stews and bread as a religion, olive oil, artisanal cheeses and yummy tiny custard tarts (pastéis de nata). All made with the heart.
DOURO VALLEY The river moves between mountains whose slopes are stepped terraces built by men to plant vines. It gives the feeling of being in front of huge sculptures that rest on the edge of a peaceful river.
ALENTEJO At the “breadbasket of Portugal” gastronomy is all about quality. Rustic fare, prepared in a way that allows the ingredients to shine unencumbered, dominates the region. And Alentejan wine has rich, bold flavors and full bodies that linger on the palate.
UNESCO HERITAGE Portugal is home to 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we will cover quite a few: Porto, Sintra, Lisbon, Évora, and Douro Valley.
PORT WINE Port wine can leave long-lasting memories of the sumptuous flavors of a well-aged vintage port, and, even more so, the delicate, subtle pleasures of a 20-year-old tawny. There is some kind of mystique around port that deserves to be shared.
LISBON, THE SEVEN HILLS Lisbon is a destination in itself. Today you find Lisbon's meandering, centuries-old cobbled streets, romantic hilltop castles and Romantic-era palaces intermingled with culturally relevant, boisterous street art, modernist architecture and Michelin-starred restaurants.
COD FISH When in Portugal you will certainly learn at least two Portuguese words. The first is “obrigado” (“thank you”). The second is “bacalhau.” It means cod, and for centuries, the humble fish, which is often salted and dried, has been the star of the national diet.
100% IMMERSIVE We hunt for truly local and authentic experiences in every destination we go. Take part in the real Portuguese lifestyle and dip a toe in the pool of a new culture. You might leave sometimes your comfort zone, and might discover new things about yourself.


CÚRATE Trips benefit from the expertise of Paladar y Tomar curating every hotel in search of the most unique nature of each location. This allows us to cater for every different type of personality and taste and have selected for this occasion singular hotels with immense value that enhance every moment. Our stories start from the moment you arrive.


Hotel Infante Sagres, 5* in Porto, Cúrate Trips
Hotel Infante Sagres, 5*
Porto’s most prestigious city centre luxury hotel, Infante Sagres has been a meeting place for the city’s élite and the residence of choice for discerning travelers and international celebrities for more than six decades, renowned for its stylish ambience, personalized service and unique blend of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication. This legendary grande dame of Portuguese hotels has reopened its doors in April 2018 after extensive restoration and renovation.
View images
Montebello Vista Alegre 5* Hotel in Aveiro, CÚRATE Trips
Montebelo Vista Alegre, 5*
Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel was born from the desire to enhance and promote the universal value of the assets of Vista Alegre company and its multiple manifestations: industrial, social, cultural, technological, artistic and human. Located just 8 kilometers from the sea and 8 km from the center of Aveiro, the "Portuguese Venice", this new 5 stars unit 5 is part of a project to restore all the factory space, which includes the Palace, the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha de France (National Monument), the Workers' District, the Theatre Museum and in a context that includes landscaped Fountain of Carrapichel and Ria de Aveiro.
View images
Convento do Espinheiro, a convent in Evora, CÚRATE Trips
Convento do Espinheiro Hotel & Spa, 5*
In a former 15th century convent, considered a national monument where important nobles have outlined the history of Portugal, hotel Convento do Espinheiro has been luxuriously restore and is a perfect choice to explore the Alentejo.
View images
Admire Lisbon from the Sky Bar at Tivoli hotel with CÚRATE Trips
Hotel Tívoli Avenida Liberdade, 5*
Stay at "the Grande Dame" of hotels in the main avenue of Lisbon, a true landmark since 1933. Today, as ever, the place to see and be seen, a natural meeting point for celebrities, heads of state and royalty alike, offers an exquisite restoration and all kind of facilities.
View images

Porto, Douro Valley, Coimbra, Évora and Lisbon

There’s much to explore before you taste your first port wine in the city that bears its name. Although Porto‘s landscape is mostly dominated by 18th and 19th century buildings, the capital of Douro offers an impressive and still unexplored showcase of contemporary and avant-garde architecture. Porto and tonic is the latest unexpectedly bracing yet refreshing spring cocktail all the world around, while locals have been drinking it for decades; that proofs Porto is in motion. When you embark on a curated tour of the Douro Valley‘s wine region, the legacy portion of your Porto luxury experience begins.

Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice, is one of the few cities included in the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, a reputable network of European cities in which this architectural style is most evident. But of course, it is the Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro lagoon) that marks the city identity and economy, and gave birth in 1973 to the Aveiro University, offering 58 different academin degrees very focused on research and technology.

When in Évora, the capital of Alentejo, a rustic fare, prepared in a way that allows the ingredients to shine unencumbered, dominates the region. Slow-cooked black Ibérico pork shoulder, bacalhau com espinafres (salt cod with spinach), sopa de beldroegas (purslane soup with chorizo) and ensopado de Borrego (lamb stew with Tellicherry peppercorns) are a few dishes you can classify as must-try.

And Lisbon has it all to seduce the traveler. An unprecedented culinary effervescence has invaded the city of the seven hills. In harmony with the renovated taverns full of charm where you can sample traditional “petiscos” we find new restaurants hosted by a generation of chefs determined to reinvent Portuguese cuisine based on boundless imagination and a unique blend of flavors.

Olive oil, bread and wine are in the core of the Portuguese culture; being a country facing the Atlantic and breathing the ocean, the paradox is that its cuisine is Mediterranean.

CÚRATE Trips bring out the most authentic side of Portugal in this spectacular 10-day unique and therapeutic escape.


What they say about us?

I will remember the trip for the rest of my life as one of the best I have ever experienced!
- A traveler -
The olives at Gabriela's place were the best I've ever had in my life. I would kill for that recipe. Also the ones in Sergio's "gildas". Please let me know how or where could I relive that experience!
- A traveler -
This trip was life-altering for me. As my first visit to Spain, I fell in love with the country!

- A traveler -
Gary and I are still talking about what a great time we had on the trip to Spain and how much we enjoyed meeting you, Fernando and Felix. You did an amazing job and we so appreciated seeing Spain's beautiful cities, historical treasures and of course the wonderful food, wine and people!
- M. H. -


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