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1. What kind of traveler do your tours cater for?

CÚRATE Trips are tailored and personally hosted by CÚRATE and Paladar y Tomar in search of offering you a full insiders immersion in every destination. We are locals in love of our country ready to accompany you in a off the beaten track experiences. We redefine luxury giving you access to the authentic local lifestyle through wine, food and regional cuisine, arts, architecture, history, culture and nature. Our tours suit new generation of travelers in search of emotions and a chance to live meaningful moments while they create links to the community.

2. Why should I embark on a CÚRATE Trip?

Through us you can gain entrée to Spain’s epicurean private circles and other destinations. Through our background in restaurants management, Michelin starred establishments, wine consultants and former luxury hospitality professionals we aim to activate our customers senses. We design the most unconventional and trustworthy wine and food experiences through our well established network of contacts, from Masters of Wine to private art curators by offering an holistic approach. We take personalization to a different level in every journey.

3. How many people go on a CÚRATE Trip?

Our tours are made for a maximum of 16 guests, this is the ideal number to fully enjoy every experience.

4. What type of wineries will we visit?

We are intensively involved in the wine business for the last decades and have developed very close connections with major winemakers. We are in love with small independent producers and we will be glad to give you access to exceptional projects and passionate people.

5. Are show cooking sessions hold by expert chefs?

All our show cookings sessions are hold by professional cooks with a strong background.

6. Will I be able to use my credit card or debit card?

Credit cards issued by U.S. banks are generally accepted in Spain and Portugal. Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted while American Express and Diners Club might have some limitations. Bringing some cash is recommended for small purchases or tipping.

7. Is there Internet access?

All hotels at CÚRATE Trips program have Internet access, and major restaurants too.

8. Are the tours extendable?

Yes, we can tailor-made you pre or post extension; matching your level of interest with the proper itinerary is a vital part of our planning process.

9. When is the best time to come?

Any time is good to visit Spain that is why our trips are spread all over the year.

10. Have you checked the hotels you offer?

Absolutely. We live here and we personally curate every property; it is the only way to offer you the most suitable lodging option.

11. How much is the deposit?

To reserve your trip, we require a 25% deposit of the total cost of the trip at time of booking. The balance must be paid within 90 days prior to the initial date of the trip.

12. What insurance do I need?

Please note that travel insurance, medical insurance and cancellation insurance are not included. We require that you have travel and medical insurance before joining us on a tour. We ask that you review the limited amount of the coverage included in your individual insurance package and confirm that you are adequately covered for any eventuality. We highly recommend you also book cancellation insurance to protect yourself against any eventuality including any financial loss in case of illness, accident, or other situations cause you to cancel your holiday.

13. What methods of payment do you accept?

American Express, Visa, Mastercard and wire transfer.

14. What documents do I need to bring?

All travelers without exception (including babies and persons under 18 years of age) shall carry valid documentation. All children should travel on full passports.


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